Star Wars Legion: Dewback Riders

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The Empire often uses local creatures for its patrols, and in desert environments, Imperial troopers rely on dewbacks, mighty reptilian creatures that can survive extreme temperatures. Between the paratrooper rider’s array of weapons and the powerful claws of their mount, this duo is a force to be reckoned with. Within this expansion, you'll find an unpainted, beautifully-detailed dew back miniature featuring a Sandtrooper rider with four distinct customization options: your Dewback rider can be built carrying their standard shock prod, or you can equip them with three different weapons. On top of the ability to customize the look of your Dewback rider, This unit Expansion gives you plenty of ways to tweak how this unit operates in the thick of battle. Six upgrade cards accompany the miniature, letting you modify its armament, training, or the comms systems It carries into battle. Rounding out this expansion are a unit card and all the tokens you need to deploy it as a support unit for your Imperial armies.

  • An Imperial unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Patrol planets with a finely-detailed dew back miniature
  • This unpainted miniature can be built carrying the standard shock provide, a t-21 blaster rifle, an great-97c blaster rifle, or a cr-24 flame rifle
  • Contains a unit card and everything you need to deploy a dew back rider as a support unit
  • Six PA cards let you customize the armament, training, and Comm systems your dew back carries into battle