Imagitarium Replacement H Mini Filter Cartridges, Pack of 6, 6 GM

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$ 16.99

These premium cartridges help make your aquarium cleaner by removing unwanted fish waste and other debris, keeping your fish healthy and lively. Replace cartridge every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the amount of fish and number of daily feedings, simply insert filter cartridge into the power filter to keep your tank looking crystal clear. Includes three disposable and easy-to-use filter cartridges.

  • Dense poly-fiber traps debris
  • Premium activated carbon quickly removes odor, discoloration, impurities and toxins making your water crystal-clear
  • Use with Imagitarium aquariums and filters compatible with Replacement H Mini Filter Cartridges
  • Keeps your fish healthy and lively
  • Replace cartridge every 2 to 4 weeks