Gevalia 48-Count Espresso T DISC Value Pack for Tassimo Beverage System (1 Pack)

by Gevalia
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$ 41.98

Enjoy intense, rich taste, refined aroma, and dense body with each cup of Gevalia Espresso. Made from choice Arabica beans, these distinctive characteristics define the complex character and unique taste that can only be offered by Gevalia.

  • Gevalia Espresso lets you enjoy the intense, extra-bold flavor and exquisite aroma of a strong-bodied roast that will satisfy any discerning palate sip after delightful sip
  • Made from choice 100% Arabica beans
  • Each T DISC contains a precisely measured amount of coffee and is sealed to protect the precious flavors inside
  • For exclusive use with the Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System
  • 48-count value pack