Disney Frozen 2 Elsa's Enchanted Ice Vanity, Includes Lights, Iconic Story Moments & Plays "Vuelie" and "Into the Unknown" For Ages 3+

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The epic adventure continues in Disney Frozen 2 the exciting sequel to the hit film FrozenNone Join your beloved friends Anna Elsa Kristoff Olaf and Sven as they venture beyond Arendelle's gates to strengthen their bonds and make new discoveries that will change their lives forever Celebrate the story of Elsa with Disney Frozen 2 Elsa's enchanted ice vanityNone Get ready to explore Elsa's world with this enchanting vanity inspired by Elsa's ice powers from the film Open the vanity doors and see Arendelle's castle appear in stunning lightsNone See moments from Elsa's amazing journey in Frozen 2 and hear NonevuelieNone And Noneinto the unknownNone Stunning vanity includes hair play pieces and drawer for storage for countless ways to style your hair And keep All your accessories together

  • Stunning vanity inspired by Elsa's ice powers from Frozen 2None
  • Includes iconic story moments from Frozen 2 and plays NoneVuelieNone and NoneInto the UnknownNone
  • Open the vanity doors to see Arendelle's castle light up in a way never seen beforeNone
  • Lots of hairpieces for countless ways to play and style your hairNone
  • Includes drawer for storing treasuresNone Authentic film details and designs for Frozen 2 fans to relive their favorite scenes and story momentsNone