Cuisinart CABP-320 Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press

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Make 2 perfect burger patties at once! The Cuisinart Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press offers you an easy and quick solution to forming perfect homemade burger patties. Simply add your ground meat to each side and press down; it's as easy as that! Its durable cast aluminum material is non-stick and easy to clean. Save time with the Cast Aluminum Double Burger Press; making 2 patties at once will save you more time in the kitchen to enjoy the time with your guests by the grill!

  • Makes 2 perfectly shaped burgers each time. Enjoy the ease of making your own homemade burgers and impress your guests with the consistency of the shape.
  • There is nothing better than the taste of homemade burgers. The double press of the burger makes it quick and easy to make multiple burgers for yourself over the fire on the grill or store for later.
  • Non-stick surfaces help keep your cakes intact and makes for easy cleaning.
  • Great tool for making veggie burgers, salmon, burgers, and other alternatives. The best thing about making your own burgers is to embrace your creativity as the chef.