Cuddle Barn Crackin’ Up Coco Monkey Animated Musical Plush Toy, 10” Super Soft Cuddly Stuffed Animal Will Have Your Child Cracking up at its Fun Movement, Contagious Laughter and Funny Monkey Noises

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$ 21.50

Cracking Up Coco Monkey 10 '' Plush! So silly, it's downright crazy! Coco's monkeys will break you down, while moving around and over making monkey sounds! Includes 3 "AA" batteries. Bring the plush to life with Cuddle Barn stuffed animals. Animated Cuddle Barn plush toys sing, talk, move, or light up. These super soft plush toys are sure to be your new favorite toy and a hit with kids, parents, and teachers alike.

  • Your child will love dancing with Coco as she moves excitedly in a circle. Coco is sure to get your kid moving while trying to keep up.
  • Absolutely adorable, sure to be loved by your little one.
  • Cuddle Barn plush toys make great gifts for new parents, baby showers, birthdays, daycare, preschool, and more. Everyone will fall in love with these adorable animated plush toys, they will be a hit with kids, parents and teachers alike.
  • Coco the monkey stands 10 inches tall and will make your child break out of her antics as she moves, laughs and talks.
  • 3 AA batteries included.