CogniToys Dino, Powered by IBM Watson, Kids Cognitive Electronic Learning Toy

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The CogniToys Blue LIMITED EDITION Dino is cloud-based and Wi-Fi enabled, which allows the toy to explore different topics and answer questions in real-time. CogniToys are built for personalization! The toy can remember information a child shares such as their name, favorite things, stories, jokes and more to help enrich learning and future conversations. Educational topics cognitions cover include, but are not limited to: storytelling, math, science, geography, rhyming and vocabulary Key features: initiates and engages in real conversations speech recognition allows the toys to sustain engaging conversations using intelligent, age-appropriate content. uniquely personalized adapts by remembering individual attributes (e.g. a child's favorite color), even telling knock-knock jokes and providing answers to "who," "what," "why," "where" and "when" questions. Integrated parent panel a web-based dashboard that allows parents to monitor their child's progress in real time, providing unique insights into learning skills and suggestions for improvement. the parent panel also allows for content moderation. internet-connected cognitions are internet-connected devices which automatically update with new content.

Toy specs: iOS and android compatible. Durable abs body (can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water) . Batteries: 4aa included, 6 week battery life with moderate use. Multi-color indicator lights . Dimensions: 5.5" l, 4" w, 7.5" h . Cloud updates to introduce new features and content.

What's inside the box: The CogniToys Dino! 4 AA batteries and Quick start guide.

If you have any issues please contact us through our storefront "CogniToys" and we will fix any issue and ensure your Dino is working perfectly!

  • Educational: Includes stories, games, jokes, and fun facts, which encompass subjects including vocabulary, math, geography, science, and more to engage your child in educational play based on their academic needs.
  • Constantly Evolving: Cloud-connected, Wi-Fi-enabled smart toys, allowing for the play experience to constantly improve and update automatically as new content becomes available.
  • Smart: Engage kids with a wide variety of content by encouraging learning and play using interactive dialogue. Through IBM Watson and Elemental Path's Friendgine technology, the dynamic Dinos are truly putting the "smart" in smart toy.
  • Parent Panel: The Parent Panel is a secure web-based dashboard that provides insight into how a child plays with their CogniToy. Through the Parent Panel you can also submit suggestions for improvement as well as review and change your account settings
  • Personalized: The CogniToys Dino grows with children by listening to their questions and in turn, adapting to their personal preferences and unique educational skill set. The toy explores favorite colors, animals and more to customize engagement as well. If you have ANY please contact the CogniToys storefront for immediate assistance, we will fix ANY issue!