Breville Knock Box Mini in Stainless Steel Construction - Dishwasher Safe

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$ 30.71

Knocking the put out after pulling a shot of espresso is no longer a frustrating task with the Breville Knock Box Mini. This cleaning tool lets you knock the puck out easily to avoid a mess while making another shot. Can accommodate up to 8 pucks.

  • Measures 4 '' L x 4 '' W x 4.5 '' H. The mini size can accommodate up to 8 discs.
  • Removable bar for easy cleaning. Stainless steel construction.
  • Non-slip base stabilizes the box and protects the bench.
  • You can store the Knock box directly on the tray of your espresso machine.
  • The Breville Knock Box Mini makes hitting the puck after shooting an espresso shot easy and seamless for your next shot.