Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Wiping Aid :: 11" Personal Hygiene Wand - Patented Sure Grip Design - Ergonomic Curved Handle for People with Limited Range of Motion :: With Discreet Carry Bag

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Do you or a loved one need personal help in the bathroom? Bottom Buddy was developed by a healthcare expert and an engineering PhD, so you can care for yourself comfortably and privately.

Millions of people have trouble reaching "back there" while toileting. Bottom Buddy is scientifically designed to meet this crucial need. Crafted after years of research and development, it helps you protect your privacy and preserve your independence.

----> The Secret is the Soft, Flexible, Rounded Head With 3 Retractable "Tulip Petals"

These patented "petals" pull back to grab the toilet tissue... then close to grip it securely. At the press of a button (on the handle), an inner rod pushes outward to release the soiled tissue, so it never touches your hand.

The whole process is fast, safe, hygienic – and private – so you can handle your own personal hygiene without asking for help. Works with both standard toilet paper and flushable, pre-moistened wipes. (Note: It's best to use just 3 or 4 squares of thicker, sturdier toilet tissue.)

----> Curved, Ergonomic Handle Fits Perfectly in Your Hand

Other products (such as toilet tongs) are difficult to use because of their shape or length. Your Bottom Buddy personal hygiene aid is different. Thanks to its 11" ergonomic handle and comfortable grip, you can reach farther and more comfortably.

Ideal for:

* Obese individuals
* Little people
* Post-op patients
* Those with motion-limiting diseases
* Countless others

----> Easy to Clean

Simply remove the head, wash with warm water and gentle soap, then reattach.

----> Weighs Just 4 Oz.; Perfect for Travel

Even comes with its own storage pouch, so you can discreetly carry it anywhere. Backed by our 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Order Now and Regain Your Independence

  • Restores Your Independence: No one likes asking for help with bathroom hygiene when they have problems reaching. The media have praised this toilet aid that lets you care for yourself in total privacy.
  • Unique Sure-Grip Toileting Aid: Accept no substitutes. Only Bottom Buddy has a patented rounded head with retractable "tulip petals" designed to grip tissue securely. Push a button for no-touch release.
  • Uses Less Tissue: This wipe aid only takes a small amount. No need to overstuff the head. Helps elderly, disabled, injured, pregnant and other folks preserve their dignity and freedom. Works with wipes, too.
  • Advanced Ergonomic Design: Forget those clumsy, awkward toilet tongs. Your 11" long Bottom Buddy bathroom aid has a special curved handle, scientifically engineered to fit comfortably in your hand.
  • Instructions and Discreet Storage Pouch Included: Tuck Bottom Buddy into its zippable bag and take it with you. Includes step-by-step directions.

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